Current Research

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Tayler-Spruit Dynamo

in collaboration with Ben Brown and Juri Toomre (CU Boulder)

We are modeling the Tayler Instability to see if it can generate magnetic fields in the radiative regions of stars.

Near Surface Shear Layer in the Sun

in collaboration with Juri Toomre (CU Boulder) and Kyle Augustson (HAO)

We are modeling the near surface shear layer of the Sun in order to better understand its underlying physics.

Warped Accretion Disks

in collaboration with Chris Nixon and Greg Salvesen (CU Boulder)

We are generating a model for warped accretion disks around compact objects that could be used for better fitting real spectra.

Other Research


Thermonuclear Flames

I also work on modeling thermonuclear flames using the Maestro code. This is a continuation of research I started as an undergraduate. [Learn more...]


Computer Resources

Presently, I use the supercomputer Janus, run by the Research Computing group at CU Boulder. I also have a small cluster, Cueball, where I run small jobs.

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